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Many members of our section are deserving of awards.  We are proud of these members that have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to our section.

Banco Rotto

This award is presented to a Texas bankruptcy legend who has had a lasting impact on the development of the Texas bankruptcy practice. It is the Section’s highest and most distinguished award.

“Banco Rotto” is Italian for “broken bench” and is the earliest phrase that is associated with the concept of bankruptcy, and is the phrase from which our English term “bankruptcy” is derived. Just as we can trace the origins of bankruptcy to this phrase, the Bankruptcy Law Section honors the recipients of the Banco Rotto award for their contributions to, and their lasting impact on, the bankruptcy profession.

2017 - Robin Phelan
2016 - The Honorable Harlin D. Hale
2015 - The Honorable Richard Schmidt
2014 - ProfessorJay Westbrook
2013 - The Honorable Carolyn King
2012 - The Honorable John C. Akard
2011 - The Honorable Robert McGuire
2010 - The Honorable Larry Kelly
2009 - The Honorable Bill Brister
2008 - The Honorable Dean M. Gandy

Robert B. Wilson Distinguished Service

This prestigious award, named in honor of Robert B. Wilson, the first chair of the State Bar of Texas Bankruptcy Law Section, is presented “in deep gratitude for tireless efforts and unceasing dedication and service to the Bankruptcy Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.”

2017 - Charlie Beckham
2016 - The Honorable Craig Gargotta
2015 - Layla Milligan
2014 - Eddie Rodriguez
2013 - Eric Terry
2012 - Mark Andrews/ Tom Rice
2011 - Michael McConnell
2010 - Elizabeth Guffy
2009 - Michelle Mendez
2008 - The Honorable Bill Parker
2007 - 
2006 - The Honorable Harlin D. Hale
2005 - Debbie Langehennig

Michelle A. Mendez Award of Excellence

The Michelle A. Mendez Award of Excellence was started in 2015 – Deborah B. Langehennig was the first recipient. Prior to 2015, it was called the Outstanding Service Award, and was awarded annually “to a member of the bankruptcy bar who is selected for his or her outstanding service to the Bankruptcy Law Section.”

2017 - Judith Ross
2016 - Deborah Williamson
2015 - Debbie Langehennig

Outstanding service

This award is presented annually to a member of the bankruptcy bar who is selected for his or her outstanding service to the Bankruptcy Law Section.

2014 - Julianne Parker
2013 - Bert Conly
2012 - The Honorable Richard. S. Schmidt
2011 - Bill Wallander
2010 - Tim Million
2009 - Tom Howley

John C. Akard Community Service

In 2009, the Bankruptcy Law Section established an award in the name of the Honorable John C. Akard (retired – Lubbock) to honor current/former practitioners for outstanding achievement and service in the field of bankruptcy.

2017 - Russell Munsch
2016 - Robin Russell
2015 - The Honorable Brenda Rhoades
2014 - Travis Torrence
2013 - Beth Smith
2012 - The Honorable Bill G. Parker
2011 - Omar Alaniz
2010 - Mary Daffin
2009 - John C. Akard
2008 - Henry Flores

Pro Bono Service

This award is presented to an attorney for promoting pro bono bankruptcy law practice in Texas.

2017 - Debbie Langehennig
2016 - Michael Cooley
2015 - Marcy Kurtz
2014 - Mike Anglin
2013 - Byrnie Bass
2012 - Tom Black
2011 - Eddie Rodriguez


Romina L. Mulloy-Bossio Achievement (YLC)

This award is given to an outstanding young bankruptcy attorney who has made contributions to community service, pro bono activities, and/or furthering efforts to encourage and support other young bankruptcy attorneys in their community and at large.

2017 - David Eastlake
2016 - Katherine Hopkins
2015 - Katie D. Grissel
2014 - Joshua P. Searcy
2013 - Sara Keith
2012 - Layla D. Milligan
2011 - Frances Smith
2010 - Omar Alaniz

Special Recognition

2015 - Kay Walker
2014 - Michael Baumer