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2019 Team Results:

1st Place: Baylor School of Law

(Kevin Miller; Madeline Tansey; Taylor Fitzner)

 2nd Place: University of Mississippi  School of Law

(Andrew Cicero, Nathan Simpson; Jack Schultz)

 3rd Place: Baylor School of Law

(Christina Rosendahl; Hallie Hicks; Katherine Hancock)

 3rd Place: University of Texas School of Law

(Cameron Kelly; Lauren Hutton-Work; Madison Haueisen)


2019 Oral Advocacy Awards:

 1st Place: Andrew Cicero (UT); Christian Rosendahl (Baylor)

 2nd Place: Micheal Creme (SMU); Kevin Miller (Baylor); Laren Hutton-Work (UT)

 3rd Place:  Garrett Anderson (Ole Miss)

 4th Place:  Madeline Tansey (Baylor): Amber Stewart (Ole Miss)

Elliott Cup