Welcome to the Bankruptcy Law Section website. The purpose of the Bankruptcy Law Section is to promote the study of bankruptcy law, study and report on laws and decisions as they affect the rights of parties in the bankruptcy process, provide a forum for members of the legal and financial communities interested in bankruptcy law, and facilitate the provision of pro bono legal services directly by Section members or through qualified legal aid organizations. The Bankruptcy Law Section has fulfilled these purposes through exciting initiatives offered throughout the year, including:

  • Offering free CLE webinars to members;
  • Supporting the development of pro bono programs offered through law schools across the State of Texas;
  • Supporting regional legal aid organizations through donations by the Bill Wallander Legal Aid Fund;
  • Creating and offering financial education to high schools and adults through the MoneyWise Financial Education Program;
  • Sponsoring the Elliott Cup, a moot court competition involving law schools throughout the Fifth Circuit.

The Section Council Officers and Members are here to help, and we encourage you to join the Section, offer ideas and suggestions, and help us to continue to offer programs that assist members across the State. And again, welcome!


Layla D. Milligan

Chair, Bankruptcy Law Section

State Bar of Texas

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